The Inner Quest Part 4 (Kairos)

by MareStellarum

Kairos as Initiation.

The Initiations are powerful cards, indicators of great changes and movement of energies. They are the Great Theme of a lifetime, or the theme of a particular chapter or situation.

More than the backdrop or the scenery against which the story is played, Initiations are the driving forces of life, the sudden occurrences that dramatically topple us, so that we can gain a new perspective that will in turn transform us so that when we go back to where we started we realise that the person we were is no more.

And the Great Theme of this reading, of this journey, is Kairos. Kairos is the right time, the opportune moment. It refers to the exact time when action can be taken, where a decision can be made. It is the time to give the next step. Be ready and look for the opening, then jump.

Kairos is opportunity and good fortune, too. It is knowing that the time is ripe, even if the circumstances do not seem to be right to make a move.

Kairos is appropriateness. How something inside us tells us that we’re making the right decisions, that whatever we do or say is necessary and aligned.

Finding this card in a reading can mean a number of things. It may indicate now’s the time to move on, to finally decide to do something. On the contrary, it might seem that there is no end in sight, or it seems to be so. Only Kairos tells us to open our eyes and have confidence that we are ready, that whatever we need is being offered to us.

And finally, Kairos warns us not to try to rush time. Whatever will come will do so at its own pace. And we need to be patient, and kind to ourselves and others. Our time will come.

I started this reading because I was looking for some answers as to how to deal with my anger. Through these four cards (Pilgrim, Box, Vow and Kairos) I have learnt my position in life, and what actions are necessary for me to take if I am to deal with anger and emerge victorious from this battle against myself.

The mission right now is to follow my own path, without thinking of other people’s opinions, without expecting any of them, and to get out of my self-imposed limitations by respecting myself and the commitment to my path and creativity, knowing that the time is right and that the only thing left to do is open my wings and fly.


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