Some ideas on this Depth Year

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Some days ago, I committed myself to go on a Depth Year. And yes, I promised myself I would not allow myself to buy any more books, tarot decks and stationery. However, I feel I was a bit imprecise, and that’s why I came up with some ideas of how to go about it.

  1. Every time I feel the incontrollable impulse to buy something I don’t need, I’ll get hold of that need, I will grab it and sit with it. And I shall be a witness to it, until I am able to understand it. (Not master it).

Why do I feel like I always need to have new things? Because it feels exciting. But as soon as I get the item, as soon as I open the package, the excitement is gone.

I’d better turn my attention to the things that really bring joy to my life. The things that come from inside.

Like writing.

like meditation, which keeps me quiet and sane inside.

Even exercise, which I’ve always hated (more on that later).

2. I will allow myself an expense on my birthday. Maybe a book, or some notebooks. I have wanted to get a pro tarot reading for more than a year now.

But this will only happen if there is anything I really want, something I can’t live without,or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Otherwise, no.

3. It’s just been two days and I can’t help but realise that many of the communications I get through email or social media are to try to sell me something.

It’s a little bit scary, albeit understandable.

We all want to sell something. We all want to eat.

What is important is to realise that we are the ones who must choose whether to make a purchase or not.

We need to understand how these things we buy are just excuses to fill the void of something missing deep inside our souls.

4. So, another important point: I have a big list of books waiting to be read, on my shelves and in my Kindle.

This Depth Year will really make me focus on reading and learning and reflecting as much as possible.

5. Plus I want to concentrato on one thing only and not be doing several things or be reading several books at the same time.

All the books that have been waiting to become alive, some of them for many years, will get a chance. Except if I am not really interested in them anymore.

The books I have read and don’t really think I’ll read again , or the ones I am not interested in anymore, will be found a new home.

6. And a little bit of the same can be said for notebooks.

In the following days, I’ll make it a mission to get all the notebooks together, to get an idea of the magnitude of my collection, to know where they are whenever I need one.

And I should need many, with all the ideas I have floating in my head, all the projects.

I so want to write. And I did it! One more day!


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