Questions to ask yourself after a move.

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As you might have noticed, I am in the middle of a move. It has been so hectic that I haven’t even had time to process what it might mean to me. At first I was deeply saddened, but right now I’m caught up in the rush of things, and I know that the weeks after the move will be more emotional and harder than the previous ones.

  1. The first question I will need to work with will be: How do you feel about the move? The truth is that my landlady asked for the flat and I graciously accepted the request, told her not to worry and trusted that everything would work out. And it did, only that now that I have been packing and moving stuff around, I realise that I had been so happy and calm here, and I regret not being more aware of that.
  2. Why did I manifest this into my life right now? It is true that I was happy in this place, because there are trees and parks everywhere, but I never felt my house was truly mine. Like I could never get hold of the space I inhabited. So in a way I guess I never really settled, and I sent this message that I didn’t want this place.
  3. What gets to stay, what goes? This doesn’t only go for material things, but for feelings, attitudes, behaviours, past hurts, resentments, everything that weighs me down. It is a great opportunity to shape a different kind of future.
  4. What might you have been trying to escape from? What problems might seem to be solved by this move? What will raise its head at the most inappropriate time, something you might have thought was gone but isn’t?
  5. How does the new place reflect what you are now? How have you changed? How do all these changes reflect who you are now? I am clearly not the same person who arrived here two years ago. I have grown so much, and have willingly left so many things behind. I did not choose these particular changes, but right now I’m choosing to flow with them, thinking that this can be really exciting and that it opens a lot of different possibilities.

As overwhelming as an experience might be, there is always a great opportunity for learning different lessons. It might be hard, but making the actual effort to learn from something, to take advantage of it instead of sweating it, will pay in the long run. I am a firm believer that if you don’t choose to grow now, you will be forced to grow in the future.

Love and blessings!!


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