Goodbye, Trees

Goodbye trees. I’m walking away from you, in total darkness.

You welcomed me into your branches like arms, with your rough trunks you dried my tears.

With my tears I watered you. With my tears I cleansed myself.

I walked past you everyday, many times a day. You fed my soul, my heart sang, purified by your oxygen.

I heard you rustle in the wind, branches dancing in the water of the storm.

Me and my dogs below it. While everyone fled from the rain I ran to face it.

Rain water washed me over.

I’m leaving you now, but you remain there, fixed to the ground, rooted (like all trees do).

I wish I could be like you, never moving, eternal. I wish I had found my place in the world.

Goodbye, trees. You were here before me.

You’ll be here once I’m gone. From here. From this planet.

You contemplate so peacefully the life of all the creatures around you.

Pigeons, dogs, squirrels, humans. The spider in your bark.

The worms under the earth, the snails that praise the water falling.

You will keep swaying with the wind and the rain. And with every sway, even if I neer see you again,

you’ll wipe me clean.

I wish I were like you. Not moving. Firm in the ground.

Not having to go anywhere.

But I am so small. When I look at you I see how small I am.

How movable and changeable.

How transient.

Today I hugged your trunks.

Caressed your barks.

You too said goodbye. You gave me back your energy.

Thank you.


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