On Moving Home

Photo by Marinko Krsmanovic on Pexels.com

Today, just a few reflections on what moving home means.

  1. You realise that there is only a limited number of things that you use, out og everything that you possess.
  2. It is followed by the realisation that you don’t inhabit all the spaces in your home, that you could do with a much smaller space.
  3. You get a pretty clear picture of what you put your energy and your money on. What do you have tons of? What do you buy in excess, what have you used until it was completely destroyed?
  4. You also realise that if need be, you wouldn’t be able to take anything, or almost.
  5. You find forgotten things that are broken, dirty and useless. And many times you hesitate to bin them, because they remind you of something or someone.
  6. You begin to appreciate this space that you inhabited for a long time, this part of your life is over. A new stage is beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving out because you want to or because you have to. This is the final page in this chapter. It’s over.
  7. Having to organise a move shows you what being an adult really means. You make active decisions and choices. You pack your things and organise them. You are responsible for finding a place, where you will continue with the process of constructing and deconstructing your life. You move on, forward, to the next thing. Change is inevitable.
  8. I would never pay for a service to do my packing for me. They might be valuable for some people, but having moved several times in my life has allowed me to peel off several layers off my soul and my heart. I have left what is useless behind, I am travelling much lighter now (although my boyfriend might disagree).

When you move, you don’t only move from a house, the mere physical space. You always move to a bigger, more expansive you. You have grown and learnt, and you need a greater place to expand your wings. However hard it may be, don’t look back. Open your wings and fly.

Love and blessings!


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