Anima Mundi Archetype (post 2 of 3 (maybe more?))

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“You will awaken the unique light within and witness how this light contributes to the radiance of the entire universe. You will sense yourself as a critical note in the cosmic orchestra.” (Krans, 223)

What is Anima Mundi? What is the Soul of the World? How could it be related to me?

Yesterday I was writing about anger, and how it has informed most of my life. I also said that I decided to work on it, to sit with it, to discover where it comes from, to channel it, to defuse it.

As I was shuffling the cards in The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck, one of them fell out. Everytime I’m reading tarot and one card falls out, it clearly feels as if the card is “dying” to tell me something. And this is what happened with Anima Mundi.

At first, the card was humbling. I got The World, the last card, the one than encompasses the rest.

I took it into my meditation, and by looking at it for a long time, I was able to see more and more details each time. The card shows a black star, on a black background, lined bu concentric lines in green, purple, red and yellow. Inside the star there are several elements that only become apparent the more attention you pay to it, so this card, The World (which is number 78, just like the cards in a tarot deck) speaks to you of mysteries, of darkness and of light.

In my meditation I kept repeating “I am the Soul of the World”, and it is true. I am a manifestation of that Soul, I am a spark of light, a spark of Life. There is no reason to be angry, because there is no reason to be sad or afraid. You are loved and you are safe.

Then I saw the symbols of the planets, the symbols of man and woman, male and female. You’ve got to understand that everything is in you. What you choose to see, to focus on, to magnify, is just a tiny little part of who you really are: you have to work hard to find the rest of the elements in yourself, and bring them to the light.

There are eyes everywhere in the card, human eyes, animal eyes. You are human, you are animal. You can see and be seen. In fact, you are seen all the time, you’re not alone. All the eyes mean that you can see, that you are able to understand, to let in the light. Because you ARE the light. The eyes are clarity, and they are the expression of the soul.

In the centre of the card there is a figure sitting deep in meditation. She has a red, shining diamond for a face. Two bright lights shine behing her on either side. The jewel is inside. Open your Third Eye and you will see.

There are some crystals in the card, too. One that particularly drew my attention is a crystal that looks like the world, held on the palm of a hand. The World is yours because you are the world, and it is a part of you just like you are a part of it.

I remembered this phrase, which seems to be a loose interpretation of the Gospel of Thomas: “The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me.” In this fragment, Jesus is speaking like the son of God.

Never before had I felt that anything was so right about God, or Spirit. Everything and everyone I saw was God, and I was also a part of that, a part of life, of nature, of the mind and the soul that moves the Universe, or else a part of the Universe itself.

And I finally saw that anger as the illusion of separation, the fear of being rejected, of being hurt are illusions too. I am the Soul of the World and I will see whatever it is that I choose to see. It’s time to choose otherwise.

Tomorrow, the Inner Quest.


Krans, Kim. The Wild Unknown Archetypes Guidebook. San Francisco, CA: HarperOne, 2019.


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