On Creating Abundance

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I am currently reading Creating Money, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I am reading it because I recently read The Rich Witch by Joanna de Voe and also devoured everything that she has to say about money and abundance, and after reading her post on Creating Money and the quotes she shares from the book I knew I had to get this book.

I have been working for many years with the Law of Attraction and although I have obtained great results in many areas of my life, I have always struggled with the issue of money.

The lessons I learned about money in my family were not the best start in life. I remember that my father had a good job and still we had too much month at the end of the money… apparently every month. Then, when he lost his job, things got much worse. I suppose that my parents had a really bad time with money, because they decided to keep my sister and myself in a private school, and although we didn’t pay any rent, there were still expenses.

However, the greatest source of negative vibes about moneywas my grandmother. Her constant refrain was, and still is: “There is no money”. I remember, several times as a girl or a teenager and talking about something I wanted to do with my friends, for example going to the cinema, she would say: “Why would you want to make those bastards richer?” Wow. This is a sample of the language and the beliefs that my grandmother had about money, and despite the fact that she is still saying these things, I have always known I wanted to feel different about money.

Another very common stereotype about rich people is that they are evil, abusive, thieves. But somehow I always felt that I wanted to be a good person and still have money. I couldn’t see why having money to buy nice things, or to travel could be something bad. My plans for world domination did not include using my wealth to oppress or destroy people or the world.

But despite these good intentions, I have always struggled with money. I am well aware of my incredible ability to make money. Some way or another, money always comes to me when I need it. But I spend it much faster than I make it, and that it an issue I have to face, but I have been putting off for ages. Money always comes to me but I quickly send it away in other directions.

So my personal work with money is more towards keeping money in my life, working with my issues with immediate gratification, and learning to adult around my money and finances.

Joanna DeVoe says that money should be our super power. Why? Because it is something that will allow us to do many things, to achieve many positive states in life. Money should be a means to many ends, because it is there where its power resides.

So the first thing that Creating Money suggests is to make a list of all the reasons why we want to have money. I found this exercise mindblowing, because I think I had never thought what I wanted money for. What opportunities would it allow me? What could I do that I cannot do now? Who could I help and how?


Something that many other books on the Law of Attraction touch on the basic fact that whatever we feel will bring our reality into being. In intellectual terms, this concept is quite easy to grasp: if I feel good, good things come; if I feel abundant, I will become abundant. The practice of these ideas might not be that simple, though. It is a very different story to work with our shadows and our patterns to actually break them and become free from limiting beliefs that invade us.

If I am feeling like shit, really furious, or depressed, it might be very difficult, if not outright impossible, to change my mood at will. And this in turn will make us feel doubly miserable, because not only are out bad feelings calling terrible things into our life, but we cannot make them disappear as we would like to.

Creating Money offers a very valuable shift in this respect. Once you have listed all the possibilities that having more money could bring into your life, you go throught them and decide on what qualities those things really represent. For example, if you want money to travel, why do you want to travel? Perhaps you think that travelling will make you (feel) free. What the book asks you to do is to think: what can you do RIGHT NOW to feel free? Because then, once you start cultivating this feeling of freedom, you will naturally start magnetising money, because it represents freedom for you, and like attracts like, right?

This seems like a very simple exercise, but it is actually a major shift, because it actually offers you a method that you can follow to change your feelings. Of course, it would be great if we could master our emotions all the time, and although it is a job that can and must be done, things are always much easier when someone sets before us a little path that we can follow.

So, I invite you to do the two exercises: first of all, make a list of all the possibilities that having a lot of money might afford you. It will surprise you how creative this can be and how motivating it is to realise that having money means having the power to do many great things for yourself, for others, for the planet. Second, decide what it is that having the money would make you feel, and start thinking of activities that you could do, RIGHT NOW, to start creating these feelings in your life.

If anything, and even before money starts pouring onto your life, there is the wonderful realisation that you can do beautiful, satisfying and empowering things for yourself RIGHT NOW, and you don’t need to have the money to start working towards any of them.

Love and blessings!!


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