A little note on my Vision Board…

Vision Board
by MareStellarum

Today’s post will be a little bit short.

I want to share my new vision board and also talk about a little on how I use it.

I say this is my new vision board, but the fact is that I made it some months ago and I have only just hung it up.

A vision board, or treasure map, to me, is a visual representation of the goals that you have at a certain time in your life. I think it is a very good idea to make a new one when you don’t feel it no longer inspires you or when you would like to incorporate new goals or states of mind.

To me, vision boards work a little bit like the Pensieve in Harry Potter: they are an instrument that shows you the goals and intended feelings that you want or need to experience in your life at a certain stage.

On the right of my board, there are images of Buddha, of a person cleansing himself in a river or fountain, flowers, a potion botttle, a witch. These images represent for me, a spiritual state, what I hope to cultivate in myself.

I have been meditating for more than two years, everyday, at least ten minutes, sometimes one hour. I have experiences great leaps of growth, and I have managed to still my mind and my thoughts, which is, or was, at least my first intention when taking up meditation.

The magical images do not only talk about my witchy feelings and practices. They represent to me that the world is magic, that we have immense power and that everything I want to do is only a decision away.

If you move towards the left, you will see pictures of different beautiful places around the world. China, Eastern Europe, France, New York, London, etc. Oh my God, this world is so beautiful, and I want to see it all. Seeing these images starts a pulse inside of me, a surge of energy and desire to see the world, and to see myself against that backdrop. Also, I have learnt in life, that whatever beauty we see outside can only be seen because it already exists within us. And I cannot wait to see the mirror of that beauty. And so I hope that everyone can see the beauty that surrounds them.

Move farther to the left, and there are some images of nature, flowers, plants, water, fruit, an elephant. I love travelling because it allows me to absorb the artistic and cultural beauty of the world. But nature allows me to connect with something grander, with peace, and love, and the magnificent energy of the universe. I feel like it is a part of me and I am a part of it, and I feel whole.

Finally, on the left side, there is a space for human connection and love, with words like forever, love, miracle. I hope to find in life the spirit of love, the walking together of souls. I feel like this section of my board is the one I have the most difficulty with. This is perhaps because I have had such a hard time with relationships of all kinds. This is because, since I was very young, I learnt to hide my feelings in order to protect myself. And everytime I look at these images of hope, there is still a part of me that doesn’t feel that any of this is possible for me.

But at least right now, the fact that I have these images in front of me, can serve as an indicator of a very deep desire that is buried in my heart, with the latent promise that I one day will be able to open my heart to loving and being loved, and that I will need to be afraid no more.

A vision board is a very useful tool to work towards your aims in life, but is also a very interesting snapshot of your spiritual and mental state, one that can remind you of what your spirit needs and that will help you work, albeit unconsciously, on achieving those dreams, the dreams of your heart.


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