When life gives you lemons… (The Tower?)

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

To day has been a bizarre kind of day. It started normal, with an early morning class, I did my morning pages and walked to my parents’ home.

I decided that the walk would be my Artist’s Date of sorts, since we are not really allowed to go anywhere.

I saw lonely streets, beautiful houses with ancient trees reaching up to the sky, some people going about their business. I even enjoyed crossing the bridge which almost gave me a heart attack last week, it is so high.

I spent some time with my parents, we talked about family members, we had a good time.

I walked back home, revisiting the places I had seen in the afternoon, enjoying my pace. It was not too hot, despite it being midday.

I arrived home and was preparing for my afternoon class when I got a message from my landlady, did I have some minutes for us to talk?

I went to her house, and after telling me a little story about the imminent break up with her boyfriend, she asked me to vacate the flat where I have been living for almost two years.

She apologised profusely and I told her not to worry, told her that I understood. She seemed really guilty, after all.

What surprised me most was my own reaction. I am not worried, nor sad, nor angry. I think I am having a hard time acknowledging the fact that I am excited about this, that I feel like this is a great opportunity for something new.

There is a little tinge of sadness that I might not find a place to live near a park or a place with trees and vegetation, somewhere calm inside the madness of the city, where I can walk my dogs and surround myself with beauty.

But perhaps this is the opportunity that I am talking about, what I am looking for. This might be the chance to recreate everything in my life.

Everything seems to be crumbling down and I find it exciting? Yes, but it also seems that things are moving so that I can, too.

When life surrounds you with chaos and apparent destruction, you need to remember that there is always something you can learn from the situation. You get the chance to test the abilities you have acquired in life and you learn new things too.

It only takes courage, and the hope that everything will turn out ok.


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