A New Ending, and a New Beginning.

Starting a new blog. Or, to be precise, re-starting it. Yes, I have a lot to say but not the clarity of mind to say it. It is like having a rush hour train station inside your head, a multitude of voices, people going in all directions, what is seemingly in order but in reality is chaos.

I have been trying to get myself to write for a very long time, but there has always been something in the way: work, problems, relationships, desires. And, most of all, I would guess the fear of doing the one thing I have most wanted to do in my life.

Yes, I have been brave in many counts. I have decided on a course for my life and have looked to surround myself with people and situations that feed my soul. I have looked inside myself and have dared to explore the darkest places of myself. But writing, writing is an entirely different matter.

It is the one thing that is so beautiful, so touching, so wonderfully profound and bright that I have never dared touch it. Excuses? There have been many. And yet, it is time to start.

No one is ever going to ask me to write, and doing this is something my soul has craved for many many years. And so, I start today, in the hope I will find my voice along the way.


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